5 Things to Look For in the Best Vocal Coach

Finding the right music teacher can be a challenge, however, by looking for these 5 things you can find the right one fast.

7 Ways Singing Lessons Benefit Kids for their Whole Life 

Singing lessons for kids are a helpful way to improve your child’s development and growth. Check out some of the benefits of singing lessons for kids.

How to Avoid Vocal Injuries as You Learn to Sing

Damaging your vocal cords can be devastating to a singer, so it pays off to take proper care of them and avoid damage with these tips.

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I’m “Singing Greg,” a singing teacher who has helped plenty of people just like you unlock their voices and become skilled singers. Many people think of singing as an almost magical ability, something that some people can do and others can’t. I don’t believe that. I know from experience that it isn’t true. Why? Because I’ve taught so many different people of so many different skill levels how to improve their singing!


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