5 Things to Look For in the Best Vocal Coach

by Aug 29, 2022

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Learning to sing is a process that students invest both passion and precious time into. Throughout the course of their journey, students need a teacher who respects their investment and takes their efforts seriously. Sadly, not all voice coaches fit the bill, and you want to make sure you pick the right one to suit your needs from the start. To help in this endeavor, we’ve compiled a list of the qualities and characteristics to look for in the best vocal coach.

Their Style Matches what you Want to Learn

Vocal coaches, like their students, have style preferences when it comes to singing. Therefore, a coach’s professional training and skillset will best benefit students who match that style. While many vocal coaches can teach a wide range of styles, not all coaches are equipped to teach all styles. Thankfully, an honest vocal coach will list their preferred vocal techniques and genres on their website. It’s always good to check if they teach what you are interested in learning. 

Check Their Training and Education

While traditional training is not a necessity for a good vocal coach, it can certainly help you determine their credentials. Good signs to look for are bachelor’s and master’s degrees in musical theory or a verifiable track record of teaching in the music industry. Checking to see if your coach’s qualifications are valid can be difficult, but most worth their salt will list their years of experience on their site, host student testimonials, awards, or have a sizable pool of online reviews you can research. 

Make Sure Your Coach Respects Vocal Health

While rare, there are coaches who are inexperienced in vocal anatomy or otherwise ignorant of proper vocal health. Coaches like this, who are regrettably more common in the pop, rock, and metal scenes, will outright ignore the importance of taking care of your vocal cords. A good vocal coach will never push you out of your comfortable range, never encourage you to overuse your vocal cords, and should always encourage proper hydration, utilize vocal rest, and place the safety and health of their students above all else. 

A Good Vocal Coach Will Curate Your Lessons

Each voice is different, and each singer’s path is unique. Good vocal coaches recognize this and will cater private voice lessons to each student’s strengths, weaknesses, and personal needs. A vocal coach should create lesson plans that highlight and amplify a student’s strengths while also challenging and improving their weaknesses. 

Look for a Teacher Who has a Good Attitude

Learning to sing is a personal and often emotional experience. Therefore, your teacher should be someone you feel comfortable with. You should look for an attentive teacher who has positive energy and respects your interest in improving your voice. 


Finding the best vocal coach can require a bit of research, but the investment is well worth it to have a vocal coach who fits your needs and that you feel comfortable with. No matter what you’re looking for in a vocal coach, you’re sure to find someone who fits your style, needs, and offers you the lessons you’re looking for.

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