Take your singing

out of the shower

and onto the stage!

Hey, can I tell you a secret?

You’ve got what it takes to be a singer. No, really.

I know you’re anxious about your voice.

I know you wonder whether or not you’re any good.

And I know that, deep down, you’re ready to find out.

A woman sings into a microphone while listening to her own voice through white headphones.

You’re already a singer. Singing in the shower, in the car, maybe sneaking in a few background vocals at band practice…but the thought of stepping up to the mic solo absolutely paralyzes you.

Here’s the thing: those singers you know who take the stage with ease and confidence? They’re not “born with it.” They’re trained—and nothing is stopping you from doing the same. Anyone—including you—can become a smashing singer.

Photo of Greg Harrison looking at the camera stoically, wearing a red shirt and blue jacket.

About Greg

Hi. I’m Greg, and I help “Shower Singers” and “Vehicle Virtuosos” transform into confident performers who nail auditions, get cast in their favorite musicals, and bring down the house at karaoke. Students of mine have gone on to perform in the One Voice Children’s Choir, at the Hale Centre Theatre, and more. And if your goals aren’t quite that lofty, that’s ok! Whatever your singing hopes and dreams are, we’ll work together to make them happen.

I understand where you’re coming from, and I’ll help you get where you want to go.

“The terror of performing never goes away.

Instead, you get very, very comfortable being terrified.”

~ Eric Whitacre

Through our lessons, you’ll… 

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Escape into your favorite memories, connect music to your life’s experiences, and become proud of how your voice feels and sounds.

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Learn to read sheet music and teach yourself new songs so you’ll be prepared to sing anything, even at the last minute.

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Choose the right songs that develop your voice…and show off your talent at auditions, open mics, or wherever else you want to sing.

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Confidently belt out those high notes (because we all know that’s why you’re really here.)

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Discover how to tell compelling stories to casting directors and audiences by unpacking the emotional journey every song holds.

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It’s not about being a “natural talent.” It’s about connecting with the right teacher, techniques, and tools to equip you to sing the way you want to sing.


I have always loved music, and especially love to sing, but I had had no vocal training whatsoever when I first walked through Greg’s door. Gregory was the perfect guy to start my vocal training. He went to work right away, creating a trusting environment and tailoring my journey to my unique needs, which led to undeniable improvement within only a few months. Gregory taught me the fundamental skills that I needed to feel comfortable with my own voice, which transpired into confidence in other areas as well! I can’t say enough positive things about my experience, not only did I learn a whole lot, but I truly enjoyed each of my lessons!

-Travis L.

Greg has been an incredible coach! He has real experience, and his ability to example proper techniques along with polishing my natural abilities made me feel confident and performance ready after my first day! Having recently been cast in a Sondheim musical, my quick sessions have been invaluable! I’ll be going to Greg for any future audition work and additional assistance during shows. By far the most effective music coaching I’ve had in Utah.

– Dan R.

After just two lessons with Greg, I feel like my voice is free! It’s like I have a whole new voice!! We isolated some poor techniques and fixed them, and I have never sounded better! He corrects and teaches in a very detailed way and gives fantastic feedback. I LOVE our lessons! I feel amazing about what we’ve accomplished so far!! Can’t wait to keep improving.

– Valerie P.

I’ve been really impressed with the knowledge I’ve gained since starting voice lessons with Greg. He is VERY patient and VERY VERY knowledgeable about singing. I’ve had a great time and am having a great time getting back into something I thought was gone many years ago.

– Pauline M.

Greg does a great job of working with his students to maximize their potential. Having him work with me has helped to expand my range while improving my tonal quality and clarity. I am grateful for his experience and expertise in helping me develop my singing abilities and to grow as a performer.

– Eric T.

Greg is an amazing vault of vocal knowledge! I saw progress in my own voice after just one lesson. He has the tools to help strengthen your voice by using foundational techniques that are applicable to all styles. Book him immediately!

– Brianna M.

Sharpen your skills, expand your talent, and learn how to channel your voice to align with your goals. From technique and breathing to reading sheet music and harmonizing with piano accompaniment, I can help you train, strengthen, and create your unique melody. Don’t worry about feeling like you’re not a great singer. Your confidence will grow as you progress with the right coaching program.


Get started

Now is the time to take your singing to the next level.Whether you are a pro looking to sharpen your skills or a newcomer just learning the ropes, taking lessons will be a game-changer for you in your musical journey.